These are the amazing people (among others) you’ll meet at the camp!


GeirGeir Amsjø@gamsjoX-vision 😉Experience and curiositySkills, knowledge and network
HalldorHalldor Kvale-Skattebo@hks92699519Flow-visionExperience and thinking like there’s no boxExtended network, new contacts and a lot of fun while learning new things
Ivana Gancheva
Truly listening 🙂 Heart and storiesConnection and co-creation
Allan RenneboAllan Rennebo Jepsen@renneboTo help you unleash your inner SmurfLove, transparency and powerful questionsA lot of time with amazing friends
Mari BlikomMari BlikomCuriosityGood vibesLearn something new!
Nat CaramanNat CaramanTo bring people togetherCuriosity, openness, wholeheartedness 😉Hugs, new perspectives
Thorbjørn SiegbergThorbjørn Sigberg@TSigbergT-shaped in the Agile-stack (from tech team to corporate level) 🙂Love to both share and exchange experiencesRegain passion for Agile after a long and lonely Coronaperiod 🙂
ChristineChristina Kjær SeimeI see the world through my trust lens 🙂Curiosity, bad (?) jokes and engagementInspiration from new and old friends. New perspectives
EspenEspen SjøvollNot being super at anything. Just as well prepared as I canMy perspective, which tends to be more holistic and human than systematic or technicalMeeting new people and friends and have a good time, while learning and gaining deeper understanding of the domain and occupation of coaching
John IngeJohn Inge Sjøvaag HervikMy smile and good moodOpeness, enthusiasm and my passionsInteresting and reflective conversations, good relationships, a seed for collective contribution
AlexanderAlexander Krause@agileChangesBeing luckyHeart, body & soulConfusion
RuneRune UlvnesWell, the word I mention most often is complexity according to my wifeI promise to contribute with something new, and a curious mind that likes to be challengedTo meet fellow agile coaches and maybe start something new?
AndreaAndrea AltierI am curiousI will be open and curious and share my viewpointsI hope to learn from others, their learnings and experiences
John BJohn Barratt@coachjohnukClean LanguageGet the Sauna opened earlyConnect with some old friends and make some new ones
Steinar HaldorsenNever stopping to exploreExperiences and thoughtsExplore in regards to others experiences and thoughts
MariCecilieMari Cecilie Myhre KnudsenCreativity!Share My experience from Agile transformationNew learnings and stronger believes!
AgataAgata BelangerCoaching in all forms: agile, integral (certified professional), minfulness (certified instructor)well, how about starting the day with a short mindfulness exercise to bring everyone to the here and now? 🙂
Share My experience from Agile transformation
see the people I know again, meet new ones, and I love campfire – so – nourishing myself with good memories
RuneMRune Meier@runmeierCritical thinkingIdeas, experience and stupid questionsMore experience, network and insight
Anders Holmbech BrandtStill searching for it 😉Good mood and energy, a lot of questions and two ears for listening.New insights, inspiration, good conversations, learnings and new friends
PerBPer Beining@perbeiningSimplicity. Energy.Simplicity. Huuummmmm-song. Energy. Beer tasting.Meet old and new friend.
HanneVHanne VindPipi-PowerReflection. Disruption.Reflection. Disruption.
LarsKrLars Kristian RørvikAble to fall a sleep everywherePositive and open minded product owner. Share ways of working with other Agile minded people.Learn new ways of working and be able to utilize your own skills and learn from other like minded.
IngvildIngvild Melby Hilton HolvikMy energy levelMy energy levelIncreased knowledge about the agile framwork and to be able to use this knowledge to be a better squad lead so I can help my team to perform beyond expectations.
BendikBendik FauskeCuriousPositivityAgile superpowers
DariaDaria DrevinaPretending to know the subject of conversation when I don’t 🙂Careful listening and maybe some ideasCollaboration and networking
GeirAGeir Amdal@infosophyShoshin (Beginner’s mind)Enthusiasm, openness, collaborative exploration and Good ConversationNew insights, problems, friends and memories
Marianne Worren@ajamahCoaching + Creating learning experiences.Curiosity + Workshop experiences.Connections + New thoughts.
Robin KoienI design, I code, I test, I lead, I coach. Full Agile IT Potato incoming.New ideas on OKR and large scale continuous improvement.
Curiosity + Workshop experiences.
New insights, new ideas, new friends
Amruta SonandkarCurious , hardworkingOpen questions , energy , experiences around transformationconnections , discover more about fellow coaches and stories
Olaf Lewitz@OlafLewitzMagic
Love ❤️
Arrogance 🧐🙃
Experience and curiosityConnection, inspiration and swimming in the fjord
Angelika FörstMaking people feel safeStories from a large engineering organisation
Experiences with an agile team of 17 🙂
Connection and learning
Good ideas to try like the last time
Pier Lorenzo Paracchini@thePierLoCuriosity & Bringing People Close to each OtherMy Experience & my UniquenessMeeting new friends, Seeing old friends & Having fun while Learning
Kathrin Volkmercuriosity & passionEngagement, joy, curiosity, opennessMeeting many wonderful people again and get to know new people. Learning and sharing ideas
Henrik ByremoBløte konsonanterGood vibes, bad jokes & a curious, open mindConnection with others and chance to dicuss and learn how others dealt with “similar problems” from different perspectives
Benedicte FjellangerPositive vibes, flying without wingsFacilitation skills, listening and curiosityNew insights, learn from others, meet cool people