2024 camp people!

Geir AmsjøMaximising work not done 😉Experience and curiosityFun, knowledge and relations
HalldorHalldor Kvale-SkatteboA few scarsExperience, and happinessNew friends and new insights
Walt VerdeseI master the ability to ask wicked questions that make people ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and whether cats believe in conspiracy theories.Sharing gripping stories from the frontline, providing valuable perspectives on librating structures and other facilitation techniques.To leave the conference with a toolkit of practical knowledge, ready to enhance my approach to leadership, team dynamics, and expectation management.
Benedicte FjellangerMake people feel safe and included.Openness, energy, open questions. lots of experience from agile coaching the past 4-5 years that I hope to widen from other people in the network.New knowledge, extend the network.
Øystein VandvikEmpathy and listeningPresence and good energyDeep connection and personal growth
Steinar HaldorsenHuman ears & human brain 🙂Open ears, open mind + joyful nerding about organisational design/ systemssthinkingNew year feelgood and inspiration. Joy of meeting old and new friends. Deep & slow nerding 🙂
Henrik ByremoCuriosity to other people, their knowledge & experiencesExperience from working with “product transformation” since 2016.
Also, I laugh (and talk) very loud…
Learn from and discuss with others & get to know the community better
Alexanderbeing provocativeasking annoying questionssnow, sauna & friends
John BarrattAsking the difficult questionsWhiskyConnect and Reconnect.
John Inge Sjøvaag HervikPassion and enthusiasmDeep conversationsConnections and relationships
Markus Wissekalcreating, holding and “changing” a space -> being able to feel the vibe of a group and accommodate their needs on the skills and knowledge in facilitation, retrospectives, kanban, scrum, XP, workshops and games/simulationsi hope i gain a spot in the same room as my partner (Bar Schwartz).
Other than that: great connections and some insights regarding the agile things “hip” in the nordics.
Bar Schwartzcreating clarity that supports people to move to actionmy experience, creative ideas and methods, and a lot of positive energygetting to know great people, sharing experiences
Geir AmdalInvitation and pain amplificationGenuine curiosity, improved questions and open conversationConstructive conflict, new perspective(s) and improved understanding
Espen SjøvollThat annoying guy in the room who asks those questionsSharing the latest things I have read up onInsights from peers and maybe some answers to pains that I will address
Marte Ødegaard15 års erfaring med smidig både i privat og offentlig sektor. I team og rett utenfor.Erfaringsdeling og gode samtalerMøte likesinnede og dele kunnskap, erfaringer og diskutere problemstillinger
Jørgen A. SchybergMaking friends in any crowd I meetCuriosity, energy, and a willingness to explore others’ ideas and my own perspectives. And likely also a few completely irrelevant fun-facts about mushrooms.To (re)discover at least one or two good areas for personal growth.
Per BeiningSimplicityHumour. Song. Perhaps a few beers. A session on “What should I do next year…?”Insight. Inspiration. Meeting old and new friends.
Hanne VindAnother perspective.A different perspective. How to work with teams in a different setting that Software and IT.Insight. Inspiration. Meeting old and new friends.
Kirsi Mikkonento be authentic meover 20 years of practical experience and 8 years of research collaboration in the field of lean/agiledeep and meaningful conversations
Alexander KylburgConnecting ideas and peopleI will bring some old ideas in new shape from south of the wall (surprise). Maybe I´ll drop a session or two and contribute to playing games for agile – and for fun.Insights, joy, entertainment, and meeting friends.