These are the amazing people (among others) you’ll meet at the camp!


Geir AmsjøMaximising work not done 😉Experience and curiosityFun, knowledge and relations
HalldorHalldor Kvale-SkatteboA few scarsExperience, and happinessNew friends and new insights
John BarrattClean LanguageMaking sure the sauna is warmConnection and reconnection
Steinar Haldorsen5 x why 🙂Passion to learn & shareFriendship, joy and food for thoughts
Alexander Krauseignoring politenessdont know yet, it will emergeinsights about the shit I dont know
Espen SjøvollA (virtually) non-tech background allows me not to be entangled in the technological constraints of any discussion.My curiosityInsights from experiences, ideas and conversations with peers.
Unni Tran-ThorsenMy ability to be vulnerable and share learning from my own experiences.How to create an environment where the team members feel included in decisions.Learning from other agile coaches what has been difficult, and how they found solutions
Benjamin SommerStaying curious…..Lots of experience from different contexts as agile coach and trainer.Meet old and new friends – learn something

Caitlin Walker

Pattern detection – clean questions to elicit or clarify patterns – loving othersClean questions/clean interviewing/modelling and finding connection
Comrades and playmates and new insights to stimulate my next vector
John IngeJohn Inge Sjøvaag HervikPurposeSmiles, ‘hyggelig’ and deep conversationsA joyful experience and good relationships
Robin KoienI am the retro guyHave recently worked with a lot with large scale agile transformations and growth. Would love to share lessons learnednew friends, new ideas
Ivy LotarevCuriosity and warmListen and share. Bring a game or two 🙂Learnings, energy, re-alignment.
Sten JohnsenI can make good coffeeQuestions and experienceKnowledge
Laurette ArriensEMPATHY! And actually listening at a deeper level. Mixed with a good dose of optimism and positivity 🙂Active participation and a curious mindset and most likely a bit of constructive resistence!New connections, a big dose of focus on Agile and more insight into the field of Enterprise Agile Coaching.
Kirsi MikkonenCoaching from the heart, creating change from inside out.Long experience and many, many interesting failures on the way.Meeting lovely agile enthusiasts
Olaf Lewitzcommunicating insight understandablylistening and discerninglearning and community
Sari AlanderSpirit CreatorPassion and enthusiasm to learn and help other to learn as wellInspiring and relaxing days with like minded (agile) people New ideas new friends
Anders Holmbech BrandtAsking questions. And once in a while they are good… 😀A lot of questions – and maybe also some answers 😉Answers to my questions 🙂 But also taking part in a lot of good discussions getting new views and insights.
Rickard JonesCoaching LeSSHearing all voices of the systemDiverse thinking
Alexander KylburgSo far, I survived covid, depression, climate crisis and life in general for more than four decades. I think that counts 😉Lot of coaching and leadership stuff, trying to connect to other participants and form ideas together. Besides that… I´ll try to order my beers in norsk.Maybe we find a group to continue working on the leadership toolbox, we started creating at the agile coaching retreat in Lisbon in June 2022.
Leyan SalihCombining passion and skills 🤩Showing up and being my authentic self, share failures and successes in hope of learning by reflecting and listening to others experiences 🙏Real conversations and valuable connections
Åse LindersenGood energyRookie questionsLearning, good conversations and friendship
Rune MeierI am able to bypass the fact that I have two ears and one mouth…Creativity and some experience. I’ll anyway be in learning mode.I hope to learn from experienced coaches – new tips and techniques.